Wildwood police arrest woman joyriding in stolen oil tanker truck

WILWOOD, NJ – On July 24, 2021, at 8:28 P.M., officers from the Wildwood Police Department Uniformed Patrol Division, responded to the 400 West Block of Rio Grande Avenue for the report of an erratic driver.

The suspect vehicle was described as a Taylor Oil Tanker Truck. As officers arrived in the area, Wildwood Police Communications advised responding officers that the tanker truck had pulled into the Wawa Market parking lot, located at 418 W. Rio Grande Avenue.

Officers observed the tanker truck parked near the gas pumps with a female occupant. Prior to officers approaching the vehicle, the vehicle registration was provided to Wildwood Police Communications, at which time the communications officer advised the officers that the vehicle was reported stolen out of Bellmawr, NJ.

At this point, a high-risk stop was conducted on the vehicle. During this time, the defendant refused to comply with the officer’s commands and refused to exit the vehicle. On several occasions, the defendant pressed on the brake pedal and checked her mirrors as if she was attempting to pull the vehicle out but she was unable to get the tanker truck re-started.

The defendant had the driver and passenger side doors locked and still refused to exit the vehicle. Due to public safety concerns and fear that the commercial oil truck would travel back onto the highly congested public roadway, forced entry was made into the vehicle and the defendant was removed from the vehicle and taken into custody without further incident.

The defendant was identified as Camille Wescott, a 44-year-old unemployed female out of Lawnside NJ.

During the developing investigation, it was learned that Mrs. Wescott had stolen the Taylor Oil Tanker Truck from Bellmawr, NJ at approximately 12:30 P.M. Throughout the day, Mrs. Wescott was involved in several vehicle pursuits with several different law enforcement agencies, and Mrs. Wescott was also involved in several motor vehicle accidents in several different jurisdictions.

Consequently, Mrs. Wescott was charged with one count of receiving stolen property (a crime of the second degree), one count of obstruction of justice (a crime of the fourth degree) and one count of resisting arrest (a disorderly persons offense). Mrs. Wescott was issued the appropriate criminal charges and turned over to the Bellmawr Police Department.

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