Watch: Man fights biker at intersection on Route 37 in Toms River

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Another highway clash broke out this week in Ocean County on Route 37, also known as Little League World Champions Boulevard.  Now, after a fight last summer a few miles away and one this past winter, it can also be called “World Star Champions Boulevard”.   More hits were recorded in this fight than we saw all season at Citi Field…we won’t go there.

It’s not certain what prompted the scuffle between the two gentlemen on the motorcycles, wearing a matching ensemble that included black helmets, OD jacket, blue jeans and black shoes, but what is obvious is that biker number two really wanted no part of the engagement and just wanted to get himself over the bridge, or wherever they were heading before UFC 37 broke out.  Social distancing guidelines were apparently not much of a concern.  This fight was first reported by OCSN.

If the video below does not load, click here to watch.