USA Today columnist suggests exhuming COVID-19 corpses and reburying grandma and grandpa at Mar-A-Lago

LIBERALAND, USA – An article published by USA columnist Jason Sattler appeared in subsidiary newspapers of the company’s nationwide network calling for the bodies of COVID-19 patients to be relocated to Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate.  In what can only be seen at the left-wing media’s latest episode of Trump Derangement Syndrome, Sattler literally suggests Americans exhume grandma and grandpa and send their bodies to West Palm Beach for reburial.

“How can we honor the more than half-million Americans who lost their lives to COVID-19 while marking former President Donald Trump’s shameless failure to “preserve, protect and defend” this country and its Constitution? Easy. Let’s bury the dead at Mar-a-Lago,” Sattler said.

Sattler said the precedent has been set as the home of Robert E. Lee is now Arlington National Cemetery and said Lee, who led the Confederate States into a bloody Civil War that divided America and lead to the deaths 620,000 Americans can easily be compared to Trump. He blamed Trump for the 500,000 COVID-19 deaths that occurred in America since last year.

What Sattler fails to recognize is that 100,000 of those COVID-19 deaths occurred in five Democrat-controlled states where governors forced COVID-19 positive senior citizens into their state’s long-term eldercare facility network.

More fittingly, if you break it down by state, perhaps in New Jersey where Democrat Governor Phil Murphy is blamed for approximately 7,000 unnecessary deaths, they can use his mansion, Drumthwacket to bury those bodies.  Drumthwacket after all was built by colonial slave ower Richard Stockton.

There are some other obvious historical inaccuracies in Sattler’s twisted commentary.  Robert E. Lee’s home was not of his doing. He happened to marry the right girl.  The home was owned by his wife’s family, Mary Custis Lee.  The estate had been in the Custis family for generations.

The burying of war dead during the Civil War was never a punitive action.  After war broke out, Lee’s wife abandoned the property and it was eventually auctioned off.  The federal government was the loan bidder and slightly underpaid Lee’s wife for the purchase.  It soon became a Union army outpost.  As the dead began mounting, Arlington became a convenient location to bury the union dead. Arlington was one of 13 newly established cemeteries used to bury war dead.   Some in the Union ranks sought to use the cemetery as a way to ensure the Lee family would not try to lay claim to the property after the war, but officially, it was not a vindictive action.  Back then, even during a civil war, there was civility between warring factions, unlike today.

Sattler’s idea quickly grew roots with others suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrom and Post Traumatic Trump Syndrome as Twitter heated up on the topic.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel summed up Sattler’s wacky and deranged idea.

“This is disgusting,” she said.



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