Toms River School District Celebrates All Things Seuss, Plus Diversity on Dr. Seuss Day

TOMS RIVER, NJ – It was Read Across America Day and while in some places in the country, schools abandoned Dr. Seuss, the magical and whimsical children’s books were alive and well…and celebrated.

The district showed that inclusion can also mean celebrating one of America’s favorite authors while including reading options that help children explore the diverse world around them.

For the district’s students, this week marked the elementary schools’ return to full in-person learning for all students and as an added treat, yesterday, they celebrated the wonderful works of Dr. Seuss.

“As students and staff in the district’s 12 elementary schools transitioned to 4 half days of learning for all students this week, there were many fun activities, special storytimes, and dress-up days planned around Read Across America Day,” the district said in a statement. ” The national event encourages people of all ages to read and specifically focuses on the importance of reading for young people. Traditionally, it is also a celebration of the beloved children’s author Dr. Seuss whose birthday coincides with the day each year.”

Despite the media and cancel culture backlash, the teachers in Toms River kept the Seuss in Dr. Seuss Day.


“t’s a day that’s meant to get kids excited about reading and from the looks of the photos, our students were happy to join in the festivities.” the district said.

The district was able to keep the true spirit of Read Across America Day alive while also allowing students the opportunity to explore other culturally diverse childrens’ books available to them within the district.

In one display, the teachers presented to children books such as “Fry Bread” a story about an Native American Family and “Between the Kakamora!”, a book about Pacific Islander Moana and her journey through ancient Pacific Island related folklore.

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