Toms River Councilwoman Receives Threatening Letters After Saying Town Needs More Racial Equity, Diversity, More Color

TOMS RIVER, NJ – In a complaint filed with the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, Toms River Councilwoman Laurie Huryk said she has been receiving written threats through anonymous letters after giving a speech during the height of the George Floyd riots about racial inequality in Toms River.  Huryk said that Toms River is disproportionately home to white families and that the township needs to do a better job with it.

“According to, Toms River is 82% white, 3% black.  As compared to the United States on whole which is 60% white and 13% black. New Jersey is 55% white and 15% black,” Huryk said. “We need to take a look at ourselves to examine what we can do as a community to make Toms River more inviting to a greater diversity of individuals and that of our state and the United States.”

Huryk said that after she gave her racial equity speech at town hall last June, she had received threatening communications.

“Stop the liberal bullshit!!!! Nobody wants to attract African Americans to Toms River!!!” one letter referenced in her complaint to the Attorney General’s Office read. “The residents of Toms River enjoy living in a crime-free, drive-by shooting-free, rape free and gang-free environment!!!!!”

“If you feel the need to be around these savages, move to Newark!” the letter continued. “Don’t fuck with our town!!!!”

In an email sent to multiple people, which included Huryk, one writer criticized Huryk’s implied statement that Toms River was “too white” according to state and national trends.

“Your statement that Toms River is too white, I am highly offended by this racist comment,” the email read. “You are elected to this position not divide but to [cut off] this town. This is still American and anybody can move to this town if they want to.   You should resign.”

In another post on social media, a user named Izan Reverof called Huryk, who is a progressive Democrat, a communist.

“White people concerned about racist Black communities? Wtf? Much more to be concerned about than that,” the post on social media, sent to the Attorney General’s Office read.

Others claimed Huryk was trying to seize on a political opportunity to divide the majority Republican community to attract more Democrats.

“I believe that what you truly feel is there are two few Democrats in Ocean County,” the letter said. “Ocean County is a great place to live and nothing to do with how many black or white people live here.”

Other letters referenced by Huryk stated that the councilwoman should pay more attention to real issues in the township such as the 6% tax increase Huryk approved in 2020 and less on racial issues in a community that for the most part, already lives in racial harmony with each other.

“You are an idiot,” another message read.  “You Democrats suck anyway.”

Another claimed Huryk was a “bullshit artist”.




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