They bought a house listed with “bees in the wall” later realized there were half a million of them

On December 28th a family in Pennsylvania made a settlement on an 1872 farmhouse. The house not only needed work, but the owner also disclosed that there were some bees living in the walls.

When the weather warmed up this spring, the new owners knew the bees would be coming out soon, but when they did, they had no idea there would be so many.

“We knew this farmhouse needed a lot of TLC! What we didn’t know, and weren’t prepared for, was honey bees in the walls.  I like to think that I have a pretty good general knowledge of all things homestead, but honey bees are one thing I have very little knowledge about yet,” the owners said.

The above picture shows the size of the hive hiding inside the wall.

“After much research on who would be best to remove the bees everyone kept steering us to “The bee guy” Allan Lattanzi. Allan has a local bee farm and is also a licensed general contractor,” the Weaver family said. “When I spoke with him he was well aware of the property and the bees as he had been called to look at the colony by the previous homeowner.  After speaking with him and having him out we found out that the colony is 35+ years old.  There are 5 massive colonies primarily in one entire side of the home.  Did I mention the house is also slate sliding, cha ching.”

“While we felt a little deceived that the prior owner did not give us more information about the colonies (she was very well aware that they were there, how big it was and how long they had been there) buying the home in the dead of winter was not on our side as we did not see the massive amount of activity that is going on now,” they said. “Since the burden now falls on our shoulders to remove these little creatures we are asking for help financially.  When I learned how expensive removal is I was shocked.  I even attempted to “shop around” but due to the sheer size and location everyone declined my free honey bees and referred us back to Allan.”

You can check out the full story here.

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