The Inauguration is over, but New York Governor Cuomo is sending more military troops to D.C.

ALBANY, NY – America was told the troop surge in Washington, D.C. was intended to protect the nation’s capital from a planned violent right-wing assault, the spark of a civil war.  That assault never happened and some of those 20,000 National Guard troops sat around in parking garages, eating cookies delivered by First Lady Jill Biden.  Many states have recalled their troops after seeing the conditions Democrats were imposing on them and a widespread COVID-19 outbreak within the ranks.

Over 200 troops have been diagnosed with COVID-19 as a result of their political deployment and extended orders to stay in D.C. long after the inauguration.

Now, as many troops are being pulled out of D.C., New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is sending more.

“I am deploying an additional 542 members of the New York National Guard to Washington D.C. to help protect our nation’s Capitol,” Cuomo said. “Our federal government is facing a host of challenges unlike any in modern history, and it needs to be able to conduct its business safely for the sake of all Americans. On behalf of all New Yorkers, I thank the brave men and women in uniform for their heroism and their unwavering commitment to keeping our state and our nation safe.”