Teen charged after fight with knife at Burncoat High School

WORCESTER, MA – On September 10th, 2021 at about 2 PM, a Worcester Police officer was working at Burncoat High School as a School Resource Officer. The officer was called by a school administrator for a fight with multiple youths in front of Burncoat Junior High School. The officer was told that there were weapons involved. The officer asked for assistance over the radio and went to the location of the fight.

The officer was told that an individual armed with a knife and dressed all in black had fled back toward the high school. The officer ran to the area in which the male had been seen, and another officer came to assist with the foot pursuit.

The officers caught up with a fleeing fifteen-year-old male in the backyard of a Burncoat St residence. The juvenile was not a Burncoat student and possessed a large kitchen knife. Further investigation revealed that this male had struck a Burncoat Principal multiple times during the fight. Officers took the knife from the male and placed him under arrest.

The fifteen-year-old male was charged with Assault and Battery on a Public School Employee, Possession of a Dangerous Weapon on Campus (kitchen knife), and Trespassing.

Other responding officers were flagged down by administrators, who pointed out other youth involved in the fight. These youth were all on Burncoat property, and none of them were students or had a valid reason to be there. Officers detained a sixteen-year-old male who did not attend Burncoat. He also had a knife in his waistband and was placed under arrest and charged with Possession of a Dangerous Weapon on Campus (knife) and Trespassing.

An eighteen-year-old male was charged with Trespassing and placed under arrest. The three males will be arraigned in court.

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