Stray dog finds the loving home he deserves

A couple decided to adopt a dog. They went to the shelter in California and met DC. Poor DC was found as a stray with no microchip. He was waiting patiently for his forever home.

DC immediately started wagging his tail and giving them kisses. The couple immediately falls in love with him. DC immediately took to the couple.

DC had to learn some basic training and then had a home check. Other than the fence being a little low the house and yard were perfect for him. He was bought so many toys and goodies. The couple was approved and DC was brought back to his new home. He immediately ran to the couple and gave them love and big kisses.

DC knew he was home. The rescuer had no reservations about leaving him there to enjoy his new life where he could run and play and finally have the love he deserves.

Watch this sweet story below.

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