Roid Raging Jose Canseco Threatens Barstool Employees Ahead of His Big Boxing Match With Intern

Jose Canseco has been juicing up for his big fight against Barstool Sports internet “Billyhottakes” of the popular Pardon My Take podcast.  The fight is scheduled for Friday night at the company’s latest “Rough N Rowdy” boxing match.

But Canseco, who disgraced himself and Major League Baseball during his playing career by using illegal performance enhancement drugs will probably never see the inside of the Hall of Fame museum in Cooperstown, unless he purchases a ticket, didn’t stop there. He also threatened to fight Big Cat, KFC and PFTCommenter this Friday.

“I hope @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter & @KFCBarstool aren’t within 20ft of the ring on February 5th They’ll all end up like @Billyhottakes Unconscious,” Canseco said.

“Just because I look like im 13 dosent mean your legally not allowed to be within 20 feet of me Jose,” PFTCommenter replied.

“I’m still just hoping you pass all your medical screenings and this happens so I can retire your ass for good,” Billy Hottakes replied.

Then of course, the ever-so-eloquent Stuart Feiner checked into the conversation.

“For your health and the sake of your first paycheck in the last 2 decades, please refrain from all and any attacks, inuendos, threats, false rage against Big Cat and PFTCommenter,” Feiner told Canseco. “Why by a pussy and go after commentary individuals. We know, U R fat, slow, useless. Get 2 Work.”

BigCat took the adult approach, “SMH, mean again. Please stop this.”