Police investigating shooting in The Port neighborhood in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, MA – The Cambridge Police are actively investigating an overnight shooting in The Port neighborhood. There were no known injuries.

A firearm and other evidence was recovered by Officers. At approximately 2:09 a.m., nearby Officers heard multiple gunshots and received a ShotSpotter activation in the area of Windsor Street and Market Street. Following a preliminary investigation, one vehicle and a residence was damaged as a result of ballistic damage.

No residents were injured. While canvassing the area, Officers did speak with one witness who stated he heard a disturbance and multiple gunshots near his home. Officers also located and spoke with a resident who was believed to be the target of the shooting. The resident refused medical attention.

A firearm was located and recovered by Officers on Windsor Street. There have been no arrests made in association with this shooting. Officers will be processing evidence from the gunshots, as well as the recovered firearm, and they will continue to follow-up with the victim, witnesses and anyone living and working in the area at the time of these shootings.

In the interim, the Cambridge Police remains committed to maintaining increased visibility in the area through directed patrols and community outreach. Eight out of the 10 confirmed gunshot incidents in 2021 in the City of Cambridge have occurred within the Port neighborhood.

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