Police, AHS Rescues Seagull Tangled in Fishing Line in Surf City

SURF CITY,  NJ – As an organization that helps all animals, not just domestic pets, it’s part of our mission here at AHS/Popcorn Park to educate the public on the dangers that our everyday activities pose to animals. We see sad cases all the time and sometimes what caused injury to an animal was accidental, sometimes it was the sheer carelessness of humans.

This seagull was the latest victim of human waste polluting his life. The Surf City P.D. found the injured bird that was tangled badly in fishing line and called us to the scene to get him. As soon as the gull arrived at our facility, sadly, one of his legs fell off. The limb was necrotic, as it was wrapped tightly in the fishing line for a long time. The other leg was nearly severed as well. Due to his inability to sustain himself in this condition, the bird was severely anemic and starving. His health was compromised so badly that he did not make it. If nothing else, at least he was with us and had a peaceful end, rather than slowly suffering out in the wild.

We are realistic and understand that accidents happen. Your line gets snagged on the rocks or on the bottom and you have no choice but to cut it. We’re not talking about the accidental gear that ends up in our waters, we are talking about the careless people that are re-tying jigs and toss the leftover line in the water. Or when they spool up their reels and cut the line, and just thrown the whole bunch of it in the water. There’s no reason for it. It does not disintegrate. It’s careless, reckless behavior that endangers marine life and results in stories like this one.

PLEASE, be respectful, be courteous, protect our waters and our marine-life. If you’re going to enjoy our waters, enjoy them responsibly. It’s the least we can do. Please spread the word, and thanks so much for your support. For more on what we do here at Associated Humane Societies to help animals in need, please visit our website: www.ahscares.org.