Phil Murphy wins 2021 primary unopposed, confident in his ability to defeat Ciattarelli

TRENTON, NJ – Phil Murphy is now officially the Democrat nominee for Governor in the 2021 general election to be held in November. Unlike his opponent Jack Ciattarelli who scraped by with 49% of the vote in his battle royale primary with Hirsh Singh and Phil Rizzo, Murphy was unopposed.

“I’m honored and humbled that my fellow Democrats have once again put their faith in me to serve as their nominee for Governor of New Jersey. Together, through a broad coalition of New Jerseyans from all backgrounds, we showed unity and strength in our shared goal of moving New Jersey forward,” Murphy said. “Over the last three-plus years, we’ve made tremendous progress to build a stronger, fairer, and more resilient state not just for today, but for generations to come. “

Murphy who despite being loathed by many on the right maintains extremely high favorability ratings in the polls thanks to New Jersey being a deep blue state.

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“The choice in November is clear. We can either keep New Jersey moving forward or go backward. It’s a choice between standing for higher wages or going back to an economy that only worked for the wealthy and well-connected. It’s a choice to defend reproductive rights under threat from the U.S. Supreme Court or put political ideology over health care. It’s a choice to make education better and more affordable, from pre-K to college, or a state that only works for the few and not for all,” he added. “I’m confident that voters will choose facts and our shared values over divisive rhetoric and the failed ways of the past that worked for too few and left too many behind.”

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