Phil Murphy sending political campaign message along with $500 rebate checks this week

TRENTON, NJ – If you’re eligible to receive a rebate check from the State of New Jersey this week, be prepared for a campaign style message Governor Phil Murphy to be included on it. Following the action of President Donald J. Trump during the 2020 pandemic, the Murphy money will include a personal note…which many are now saying may be a violation of election campaign laws as he seeks re-election in November.

Your personalized campaign message on your check from the governor will read as follows:

With the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget, I signed into law a middle-class tax rebate for New Jersey families. By asking those at the very top to pay their fair share, we are able to provide tax relief to working families. I want to recognize legislative leadership and legislators in both chambers for their tremendous partnership. New Jersey is built on the hard work of our middle class. This rebate shows that when we make New Jersey fairer, we make New Jersey stronger – and everyone benefits. Thank you, Governor Phil Murphy

His opponent, Jack Ciattarelli who has been struggling in recent polls cried foul.

“Four years ago, Phil Murphy bought the election with his money. This time he thinks he can win using yours. Hey Phil: You don’t make New Jersey fairer or stronger by returning to hardworking New Jerseyans money you never needed to take or borrow in the first place,” Ciattarelli said.

Ciattarelli has also used millions of dollars in taxpayer funds for his own political campaign, receiving over $4,000,000 in state funds for his June primary challenge. New Jersey taxpayers are now footing the bill for both gubernatorial candidates.

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