Phil Murphy says “Unshackled” inner-city minorities shooting and killing each other because it’s hot outside

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey has an out of control inner-city crime and gun problem and it has nothing to do with gun control or the so-called assault rifles. In cities across the state, including Paterson, Newark, Camden, Trenton and Atlantic City, inner-city violence in minority neighborhoods is on the rise.

Now, Atlantic City’s city council wants the New Jersey State Police to step in and usurp the local authority of the Atlantic City Police Department as shootings and murder in the city have become a daily event. Governor Phil Murphy on Monday tiptoed around the topic when asked about it and said it’s because African Americans in those cities have “Unshackled” themselves.

“Everybody wants to get out there and unshackle themselves from this pandemic,” Murphy said of the rise in violent crime across the state. “Listen, it’s not specific to Atlantic City. This is not unique to New Jersey. There’s a lot of behavior right now. I suspect partly due to coming out from the pandemic; 95 degree, high humidity weather does not help. There’s a lot of kinetic activity in the state right now and in the country.”

That’s right, the deadly pandemic is over. Restrictions have been lifted and it’s summertime, so in Murphy’s eyes, everyone wants to get out and shoot each other. Don’t worry, it’s just a phase.

Murphy said to combat the rising gun violence, he’s going to simply ask people to stop shooting and killing each other.

“In Monmouth County, we saw some of that over the weekend. This is not just a matter specific to Atlantic City. We’ve seen upticks in gun violence in the state, in the country. We’ve just got to plead with people we get it,” Murphy said. “Who could blame you? Please, God, do it responsibly.”

“We’ve had a tough stretch here in Atlantic City dealing with violence,” said Atlantic City Mayor Small. “We’re going to need help. It takes a village and that village starts with politics.”

Last week, the city rolled out a teen curfew, aided by sirens indicating a 10 pm curfew starting in July.

Small rejected the notion of the State Police patrolling his city’s streets.

“All levels of government do not raise your children,” Smalls said. “Police your own and collectively there’s less police in our community. Government was created to assist with programming, activities, and opportunities. We’re being proactive.”

In the end, Small admitted, neither he nor his police department can stop all crime.

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