Phil Murphy remains silent on Cuba as his own socialist agenda criticized in New Jersey

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has implemented one of the most far-reaching socialist-driven agendas in the country since taking office. The governor, who after California’s Gavin Newsome is one of the most progressively liberal governors in the country even boasted once that if you don’t like paying high taxes, then you should probably leave New Jersey.

Now, Murphy finds himself in a difficult position as tens of thousands of Cuban citizens have revolted against that country’s communist and socialist policies which have left store shelves bare and millions without power and basic necessities.

Murphy’s political opponent, Republican establishment candidate Jack Ciattarelli says he’s behind the Cuban people and Murphy should be too.

“I have a message for every Cuban American watching the news, and especially New Jerseyans with family members in Cuba who have been abused and deprived of basic human rights: you are not alone in your struggle for freedom and democracy,” Ciattarelli said. “I stand with you.”

At this week’s press briefing, Murphy was not pressed on the Cuba topic and he also did not voluntarily approach the subject himself. Since the uprising began, Murphy, a former U.S. diplomat has remained silent on the revolt in Cuba.

“Governor Phil Murphy has not had the courage to speak in solidarity with New Jersey’s Cuban American population, which is the third-largest in the nation,” Ciattarelli said.

Murphy has pushed hard in New Jersey for a socialist-based agenda that includes government-funded college tuition, pre-k schooling, healthcare, sanctuary for illegal immigrants, and more.

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