Phil Murphy: New Jersey experiencing a pandemic of unvaccinated individuals

When Governor Phil Murphy announced the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, he demanded that New Jerseyans don’t shame people who continue to wear masks. Since that day, Murphy has gone out of his way to shame New Jerseyans who have not been vaccinated.

It started last week when Murphy published his ‘list of shame‘, then he moved on to calling people who are unvaccinated, a ‘pandemic’. The governor has been pushing his vaccination marketing campaign endlessly on television, video sharing services, social media and radio, spending tens of millions of dollars to convince the unvaccinated people of the state to get their shot.

He’s tried free beer and free beaches to convince the 30% of residents who, for whatever their reasons are, medical or religious to get vaccinated, but for many, it’s not working.

Now, Murphy has declared the unvaccinated masses of New Jersey a pandemic of its own. Besides being a flagrant attempt to call out and demean the unvaccinated, Murphy’s use of the word significantly waters down the meaning of the actual word pandemic, which means an epidemic that has spread over large regions of the world…a global event. If Democrats like Murphy start throwing the word pandemic around like it’s racism, eventually, like racism, their calls will eventually fall upon deaf ears.

On Monday, New Jersey reported just 260 new cases of COVID-19 and Murphy said that he assumes, yes, assumes all of them are from the unvaccinated lesser people of the state.

“Suffice it to say, these – the 260 cases that we’re reporting today should be considered to be almost entirely if not exclusively from unvaccinated individuals. As we’ve been discussing, this has been becoming increasingly, by the day a pandemic of unvaccinated individuals,” Murphy said. “This is now, sadly, a pandemic overwhelmingly among unvaccinated individuals.”

Murphy then threw in his vaccination pitch and doubled down on his anti-vaccination shaming.

“We have a pandemic again among unvaccinated residents, not among the vaccinated. By the way, Judy, that’s not to say we don’t still have cases and we don’t have variants because we do, but the vaccines – and you and Ed may want to get into this in more detail – the vaccines are proving to be effective against all forms – at least as of now against all forms of this virus including the so-called Delta variant, which is the one from India, which is both more easily transmissible and has more dire health consequences if you get it. The vaccines work even against that,” Murphy said.

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