Phil Murphy blaming the sharp increase in Jersey inner-city violence on the weather was a knucklehead move

TRENTON, NJ – If there was a movie to depict Murphy’s stance on rising inner city violence in New Jersey, it would be named “Don’t be a Menace in Atlantic City while Drinking your Juice in Drumthwacket”.

New Jersey has a violent crime problem in its inner cities. There’s no disputing that the national trend of violence in minority-dominated urban communities is on the rise. We see it all over the country and New Jersey is no exception. It has been growing steadily since the COVID-19 pandemic began and Governor Phil Murphy has ignored the problem.

Now, it’s a crisis, and gang warfare and drug-related violence is spilling out into the streets of New Jersey’s largest cities. Instead of tackling the actual problem, Murphy was apologetic. In an election year, he must appease his voter base and find another thing to blame the surge in gun violence in minority communities on.

For instance, the weather.

No, that wasn’t a SNN signature grammatical error. Phil Murphy literally blamed the weather.

If you missed it, read it here: Phil Murphy Says “Unshackled” Inner-City Minorities Shooting And Killing Each Other Because It’s Hot Outside

“Everybody wants to get out there and unshackle themselves from this pandemic,” Murphy said of the rise in violent crime across the state. “Listen, it’s not specific to Atlantic City. This is not unique to New Jersey. There’s a lot of behavior right now. I suspect partly due to coming out from the pandemic; 95 degree, high humidity weather does not help. There’s a lot of kinetic activity in the state right now and in the country.”

The remark was Murphy’s latest knuckleheaded outburst, based not on reality, or science, but signaling the coming of something bigger from his progressively liberal agenda. He stopped short of blaming the rise in crime on White Supremacy like his boss, Joe Biden, so we give him credit for that.

The crime wave is being powered by global warming. He better get those wind turbines out in the Atlantic Ocean going ASAP if he wants to curb the violent crime rate.

His weak and absurd response didn’t go unnoticed by his opponent Jack Ciattarelli who has made Murphy’s weak stance on violent crime one of his key campaign platforms.

“Once again, Governor Phil Murphy’s response, this time on New Jersey’s rising crime rate, is totally unacceptable and profoundly embarrassing. There is one reason crime is on the rise and it’s not the pandemic, the heat, the humidity, or any other made-up excuse – it’s Governor Phil Murphy,” Ciattarelli said. “Our Governor’s actions, policies, and words have undermined public respect for, and the authority of, our brave men and women in law enforcement. The sad reality is that Atlantic City and our communities across the state will continue to get more dangerous so long as we have a governor who panders to the extremists in his national party, all at the expense of public safety in our state.”

Murphy did not blame the violence on more tangible and realistic possibilities. Social despair brought on by his year-long pandemic lockdown. Stresses by the average person when it comes to being able to pay their bills and keep food on their tables. Gang activity. Drug trafficking.

He also failed to mention the liberal progressive movement against law enforcement and defunding police. Yes, Murphy has his hand in that pot too but doesn’t think his own anti-police actions have contributed in any way to the degradation of the respect for our laws and law enforcement.

No, it must be the weather. Why else would a man in Atlantic City wearing a hoodie and jeans, riding a bike on a 90-degree day roll up and shoot four people in cold blood? it must have been the heat.

Phil Murphy needs to stop being a knucklehead and stop following the liberal progressive anti-cop, pro-criminal agenda of the insane far-left radicals of his party and put himself back into the reality that he is the governor of New Jersey, and not a progressive liberal activist hell-bent on destroying our state.

He needs to stop emptying prisons and setting violent criminals free. He needs to stop advertising New Jersey as a haven for criminal illegal aliens and he needs to realize that this is about much more than winning an election in November. It’s about saving lives and preventing future innocent lives from being caught in the crossfire.

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