PAC headed by former GOP Chairman says OCGOP Chairman Holman doesn’t know jack about Jack Ciattarelli

TOMS RIVER, NJ – This week, Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank B. Holman sent a letter to Republicans personally endorsing “never Trump” candidate Jack Ciattarelli for governor in next Tuesday’s Republican primary election.

One of Holman’s claims was that Ciattarelli is a strong supporter of President Trump and Ocean County. His predecessor, George Gilmore, the former chairman of the party says Holman doesn’t know jack about Ciattarelli. Prior to becoming chairman of the Ocean County party in 2019, Holman was essentially non-existent in party politics and was simply a campaign donor who wrote large checks to candidates in return, received tens of millions of dollars in publicly funded contracts.

What Holman doesn’t know, according to the man who ran the ship for decades is that Ciattarelli is a never-Trumper who abandoned Ocean County when the county needed him most. It takes a never Trumper to know one. Holman quickly cut OCGOP ties with the former President shortly after he lost the November 2020 election.

Holman said the New Jersey Republican Party needed to ‘move on’ after Trump’s election defeat.

“As we recover from our depression of this week, let us rededicate ourselves to improving our country. Let’s work hard to elect leaders who can unite us. Let’s look to God for guidance. Let us dust off our Abraham Lincoln biography. He led us through our country’s darkest time,” Holman said, a slight towards the President. “Let us work hard at restoring issues, oriented conversations with our families and friends without animus. Let us discourage personality-based arguments. We have the greatest Democracy on earth. We must be able to talk about issues and cast educated votes.”

“Last week you received an email from Pat Lane attaching a newsletter from Frank Holman. In his newsletter, Mr. Holman implores you to vote for Jack Ciattarelli and all the Column A candidates on the June primary ballot,” the Gilmore backed Southern Ocean County Conservative PAC said. “Mr. Holman claims that Jack Ciattarelli was a strong supporter of President Trump and Ocean County. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

Gilmore said Ciattarelli did the unthinkable when he turned his back on Ocean County residents by trying to deny post-Superstorm Sandy relief to residents who lost their homes and their businsesses.

“Jack voted against two legislative bills that would have provided Superstorm Sandy relief to Ocean County residents and businesses. Jack turned his back on disaster victims, including Superstorm Sandy survivors,” Gilmore said. “In 2015 he voted against providing three-year protection against foreclosure to owners of real property damage during Superstorm Sandy. In 2016 he voted against the Disaster Victims Protection Act.”

Gilmore’s letter also pointed out the following problems with Jack Ciattarelli:

Gilmore’s PAC did not officially endorse any candidates in the June 8th primary election, but did say Republican voters need to make their decision armed with facts, not rhetoric or misleading campaign mailers and television commercials paid for by the residents of New Jersey.

“You should vote for whoever you believe is the best Republican candidate for Governor, whether it is Jack Ciattarelli, Phillip Rizzo, Hirsh Singh, or Brian Levine,” Gilmore said. “But you should know the truth about their Republican conservative values or lack thereof. Do not be misled by rhetoric. Follow the facts.”

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