Orthodox Jewish Endorsement of Crispin for TR Council Subject of Campaign Flyer

An Orthodox Jewish Community Council endorsement of Jason Crispin and his running mates was the subject of a campaign flyer that has drawn criticism from the liberal media, Orthodox leaders, and Crispin’s Team in Column “A”.

The mailer makes issue of the endorsement, and recent statements made by Jewish Community Council leader Baruch Kalusyner. “They have a new plan and Crispin supports it”, the mailer states.

In an APP article titled, “Jewish Leaders Still Aren’t Happy”, Kalusyner expressed his desire to eliminate the acreage requirement for religious buildings stating, “As long as you can make it work in the neighborhood, it should be allowed.” Expressing confidence in his ability to get it acomplished, Kalusyner continued, “We feel that we can work it out through dialogue.”

Patch Liberal Cheerleader, Karen Wall wrote, “Critics say that message plays to fears and conspiracy theories with its focus on the Orthodox Jewish community.” The article makes issue of the fur hat worn by kalusyner in a photo that was taken from his own Facebook page. The $7000 hat is a status symbol in the Orthodox community and shows that Kalusyner is a man wealth and prestige.

The mailer clearly states, “This is not about religion, faith, or where people live. It’s about zoning, planning and development. People of all faiths want to keep Commercial Development out of their neighborhoods.” Rodrick contends that eliminating the acreage requirement would flood every neighborhood with cars and traffic, and this would impact quality of life for Toms River residents.

Rodrick told SNN that “Anyone who brings up the way Kaluszyner dresses is trying to distract attention away from the fact that Kaluszyner and the TRJCC endorsed our opponents, and signed their petition. Their organization wants all homes to qualify as Houses of Worship, and they’re actively engaged in political activities to accomplish that goal.” Shame on them for playing the race card!”

TRJCC members donated to the election Campaign of Mayor Hill in both the Primary and General elections of 2019.

It was Mayor Hill and 6 members of Council who recently cut the acreage requirement for houses of worship from 10 acres to 2 acres. Councilman Rodrick voted against the reduction. It was Rodrick who first exposed Mo Hill’s plan to make the change during the 2019 Republican Mayoral Primary. Mo Hill denied the plan, and narrowly won the primary. Hill’s narrow victory was due to in large part to heavy turnout for hill in a few North Dover Districts. Hill went on to win the general by just 200 votes, getting nearly 1000 votes in those same districts.

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