Oklahoma State Trooper injured after car on 75 mph cruise control crashes into back of patrol vehicle

OKLAHOMA – An Oklahoma State Trooper in recovering from minor injuries after being struck by another vehicle on the Will Rogers Turnpike.  The agency used the incident as a reminder to motorists to slow down on the state’s icy highways.
“A good reminder to slow down in these weather conditions and move over for vehicles on the side of the road. This happened just before 10:00 this morning on the Will Rogers turnpike as one of our troopers was investigating a collision,” the department said. “A motorist had their cruise control set at 75, lost control and hit our trooper’s vehicle, totaling it as well as two other vehicles. Our trooper was inside his vehicle at the time. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. Thankfully, he is expected to be ok. And luckily, there were no other injuries.”