NJ Governor hopeful Ciattarelli says President has let us down, ready for life after Trump

SWAMPLAND, NJ –  New Jersey Republican gubernatorial hopeful Jack Ciattarelli has never been a fan of President Trump.  In fact, just last weekend, Ciattarelli proudly boasted that he did not vote for Trump when he ran for President and today, made a veiled reference to the President and pro-Trump protesters in Washington, D.C.
“For those who truly love our country, today’s events in our nation’s Capitol are heartbreaking. For those who profess love, but show no degree of decency and violate the rule of law, I say STOP. Remember who we are,” Ciattarelli said. “When our leaders have let us down . . . when our fellow citizens have let us down . . . Who among us will take on the responsibility of preserving ideals that thousands upon thousands of Americans have sacrificed their lives for?”
Ciattarelli has been open in his opposition against the President since before the 2016 election, calling Trump a charlatan, unfit to be President. Now, with all the President’s hail Mary options to reverse the 2020 election apparently depleted, Ciattarelli looks forward to life after Trump, positioning himself as a new leader of the Republican movement.
“The sun will rise tomorrow. When it does, who will stand with me, starting here in New Jersey, to make it a new day in our country, where decency, the rule of law and “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” are once again sacred? I stand ready,” Ciattarelli said.
Ciattarelli ally, former Governor Chris Christie said today that he has been trying to get the President to stop the protests in the capital.
What has happened in the Capitol today is reprehensible and un-American. An attack on our Capitol is an attack on our democracy itself.  Donald Trump must make clear that this conduct must stop now, the Capitol must be cleared and Congress should be permitted to do its work,” Christie said in his role as an ABC News contributor. “I’ve been spending the last 25 minutes or so trying to get the president on the phone myself to say this to him directly…The president caused this protest to occur. He’s the only one who can make it stop.”
Ciattarelli’s opponents called for the violence in Washington, D.C. to stop, but unlike Ciattarelli and other top GOP leaders in the state, did not blame Trump.
“The violence unfolding in Washington DC must stop. We must support law enforcement right now, come together & call for order & peaceful protest,” former GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt said.  Earlier in the day, Steinhardt released a video detailing Ciattarelli’s anti-Trump actions over the past five years.