New York State Fair Returns This September, Cuomo Announces

SYRACUSE, NY – On Monday, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the 2021 New York State Fair, an end-of-summer celebration at the New York State Fairgrounds from August 20 to September 6 in Syracuse, will increase capacity to 100 percent and reopen many popular buildings with additional vendors, given the significant progress New Yorkers have made against COVID-19. In accordance with the State’s evolving health guidelines, indoor spaces will be subject to capacity limits to allow attendees to be socially distanced within each building.

“We’re going to reopen the New York State Fair at 100 percent occupancy. Everything will be open at the New York State Fair, all the buildings, all the events. It will be the great New York State Fair that we are all so proud of and I am so excited about this because the Fair is such a beautiful representative of the state and especially Upstate New York. As you know we’ve been breaking records every year in attendance,” Cuomo said. “We’ve made a great investment in the Fair and the Fair is a different fair. Anyone who says, well, I went to the New York State Fair, four years ago, five years ago – you didn’t go to the New York State Fair. You went to the old New York State Fair which is different than this State Fair – it’s improved, it’s bigger, it’s better, it’s more convenient, there are more attractions, so we are not only reopening, we’re reimagining. It’s better than ever before and we invite not only all New Yorkers, we invite people across the nation to come.”

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