New lawsuits claim Phil Murphy violated the law with school mask mandate

The New Jersey Governor may be the most powerful Governor of all 50 states but it looks like he violated NJ Law with his recent Executive Order mandating masks in all schools. The 3 emergent-filings done today by Rachel Collins of Chesterfield, Burlington County with the New Jersey Department of Education Commissioner Angelica Allen-McMillan against the local Chesterfield Board of Education, the State Board of Education, and the Governor’s Executive Orders.

We asked Mrs.Collins about her filings and she stated, “Our kids are being abused in clear violation of New Jersey’s settled education Laws. This Governor has zero power when it comes to our kids as per both our own statutes and state constitution.  The fact that he is answering questions regarding School related matters is illegal. What we are doing is providing all parents and potential candidates for office across the state with a template on what to file and where to stop the masks before schools re-open September 8th because per the NJ Constitution the people hold the power in this state and are stronger than the Governor. The laws and statutes are actually very clear and I’m shocked that Murphy doesn’t even know the constitutional protections in place when it comes to our kids’ education.  I’m just a mother fighting for my kids and everyone else’s too.” 

Mrs.Collins has found support by gubernatorial primary candidate Hirsh Singh, who has been a leader in the fight for medical freedom and has spoken at Boards of Education meetings across the state against masking kids in schools. Mr.Singh stated that he would be providing his website as a method for individuals to download the templates for their own filings against their local Board of Education, the State Board of Education, and the Governor.

Mr.Singh stated, “If we don’t fight back now for our kids there will be no coming back from the tyrannical overreaching communistic Government policies that are being forced onto all of us in every aspect of life.”      

Mrs.Collins is a current candidate for the school board in Chesterfield and along with Hirsh Singh is dedicated to helping every parent interested in making sure their school board does not mandate masking the kids this coming school year. These templates are also available for any politician who wants to represent for their constituents.   

In addition to filing the lawsuit, Singh and Collins will be providing a template-based toolkit that will allow any other concerned citizen of New Jersey to easily file their own claims against the state and Governor Phil Murphy.

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