New Jersey’s politically charged, anti-cop Attorney General Grewal stepping down

TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal came into office with high marks from both Democrats and Republicans, but soon it became apparent to many, he was a partisan appointment pushing Phil Murphy’s liberal agenda.

Grewal will be leaving the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office and will take a job with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission starting July 26th. He will be replacing President Biden’s last appointment, Alex Oh, who didn’t last a full week at the job back in January.

Murphy will not name a successor to Grewal until after the November election. Grewal had gained a quick reputation as a partisan broker who pushed a progressive anti-law enforcement agenda during his tenure, even releasing a database of information on New Jersey’s State Police officers past and present that could open new legal battles and possibly even retaliation for past infractions within the department.

Grewal will also be remembered for his fierce campaign against New Jersey businesses and residents who violated Governor Phil Murphy’s year-long COVID-19 lockdown.

Jack Ciattarelli who is running against Murphy in the November election criticized Grewal as an anti-cop politician who pushed a partisan agenda under the guise of law enforcement.

“No Attorney General was as anti-cop as Gurbir Grewal, so this is good news for our law enforcement community. Unless, of course, Murphy replaces Grewal with another extreme partisan who is also going to disarm our police,” Ciattarelli said.

In recent months, Grewal and Murphy have been at odds, but Murphy heaped praise upon his outgoing attorney general.

““Through his efforts standing up to the Trump administration’s attacks on New Jersey and our diverse communities, instituting historic reforms in policing, and leading the fight against gun violence, Attorney General Grewal has been an invaluable member of our administration and a dedicated public servant to the residents of New Jersey. Though we’ll miss his leadership, I know he’s the right person to protect investors all across the nation, and I congratulate SEC Chair Gensler for this outstanding selection,” Murphy said.

“The Enforcement Division has a critical role to play in finding and punishing violations of the law,” said Grewal. “I’m excited to get to work with the talented team of public servants to uncover and prosecute misconduct and protect investors. I thank Governor Murphy for the opportunity to serve the people of New Jersey and all of the colleagues with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work during my career in the state.”

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