Murphy warns NJ “If we have to we will”bring back face mask mandate

TRENTON, NJ – Here we go, New Jersey. This week Governor Phil Murphy was automatically granted his pandemic powers under a law pushed by Democrats last month. Under the law, if the rate of transmission of COVID-19 goes above 1, a clause in the law grants Murphy pandemic level authority. This time it’s not through executive order, it’s until the end of 2021.

For the first time in a while, Murphy is also throwing around the P-word…pandemic.

Now, with the rate of transmission well over 1, Murphy says if he has to force face masks again, he will. Murphy said the latest rise in COVID-19 cases is among the unvaccinated, calling it a “pandemic among the unvaccinated“.

Today, on MSNBC’s Squawk Box, Murphy said the time might come for the second round of face mask mandates and business closures.

“For the time being, I hope we don’t have to do that,” Murphy said. “If we have to, we will.”

In a divisive tone, Murphy blamed those who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine for any future decisions his office might take.

“We’ve got probably 350 folks in our hospital. We keep them in our prayers,” Murphy said. “But I venture to say, they’re all unvaccinated, so I would just continue to plead with people to get vaccinated.”

Phil Murphy last week unveiled a New Jersey vaccination tracking app, but stopped short of calling it vaccination pass. The app’s launch also raised concerns over the state’s tracking of personal health information and immunization records that go beyond COVID-19.

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