Murphy social justice reforms creating lawlessness in shore towns, Testa says

AVALON, NJ – Senator Michael Testa said nighttime beach and boardwalk closures in Avalon are the direct result of so-called “social justice” reforms enacted by Governor Phil Murphy that allow kids to break the law without any fear of consequences.

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“Governor Murphy’s quest for social justice makes police the criminals if they dare to stop, detain, or question rowdy teenagers who are destroying property, openly using drugs and alcohol, and disrupting our communities,” said Testa (R-1). “It’s not just Avalon where this is happening. All across New Jersey, Governor Murphy has stripped police of their power to enforce the law and protect the public while clear violations are being committed before their eyes. Kids know they’re above the law and they’re taking advantage of it.”

In response to his small town’s growing problem with large gatherings of out-of-control teens, Avalon Mayor Martin Pagliughi was forced to sign an order indefinitely closing the town’s beaches and boardwalk in the overnight hours.

Avalon Police had warned that directives issued by the Murphy administration’s attorney general and a new law that strictly limits how police interact with minors was impeding their ability to manage the hordes of teens and young adults or hold them accountable for violations of the law.

“To see where this is going, one only needs to look at San Francisco where surging crime has followed their neutering of the police, ” added Testa. “Governor Murphy has said he wants New Jersey to be the California of the East Coast. This rising tide of lawlessness we’re now witnessing represents the fulfillment of Governor Murphy’s progressive vision for New Jersey.”

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