Mount Olive Police Condemn Murphy’s Law That Allows Underage Drinking, Pot Smoking

MOUNT OLIVE, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is under fire from the Mount Olive Police Department today after his implementation of New Jersey’s legal marijuana laws prevent cops from enforcing underage drinking and marijuana use.

On February 21, 2021 Governor Murphy signed into law legislation that decriminalizes, regulates and legalizes Marijuana. Under this law you can legally possess 6 oz. or less of marijuana if you are age 21 and older.

“What I find concerning as a parent and Police Chief is the mechanism by which police officers will be required to handle underage possession of alcohol and marijuana where it concerns minors,” said Chief of Police Stephen Beecher.  “If your child is found to be in possession of marijuana or alcohol, under the law police officers will issue a warning to your son or daughter.”

Beecher said police officers are not to contact the parents on the first warning.

“Only after issuing the 2nd warning or having subsequent contacts are we to advise the parents. As there is no present method of tracking warnings across jurisdictions and counties, there is the potential your son or daughter would receive multiple 1st warnings,” Beecher said. “I find the restriction on parental notification counterproductive. My experience is that the best outcomes with juveniles are those in which the parents or guardians are involved. Further, I believe the law infringes upon the rights of parents in caring for their children.”

The law could put children in a dangerous situation if police are unable to remove underage drinkers and pot smokers or notify their parents.

“If you feel similarly, I encourage you to contact your representatives and make your feelings known on this portion of the new law and how it impacts on your ability to parent and keep your kids safe,” Chief Beecher said.

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