McEnany: Twitter, Facebook Censorship Should Scare Every American

WASHINGTON, DC – This week, social media giants Twitter and Facebook began heavily censoring news reports from reputable national and international news sites after the contents of a laptop owned by Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden were made public.  While the social media giants claimed the release of those documents was potentially harmful, claiming the abandoned laptop and its data were acquired by theft.

Censoring political speech is what you’d expect in countries like China, North Korea, or Iran — NOT America. This should scare every single American who values free and open discourse. Do NOT let Big Tech silence you,” said White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

President Trump’s son Donald, Jr. also weighed in on the heavy-handed censorship by Twitter and Facebook.

“This is the stuff of Communist China! Twitter is now censoring a Government website. Not for false information as even Biden hasn’t denied that the allegations happened, but Twitter wants to make sure Americans don’t see how deep the Biden corruption runs! Election interference,” Trump said.

Earlier today, Twitter blocked the TeamTrump campaign account, the House Judiciary GOP account and even McEnany’s personal Twitter account for sharing the bombshell New York Post story revealing the contents of Biden’s laptop.

Fox News Host Sean Hannity today claimed Twitter is “Blocking for Biden” after it took action against GOP accounts.