Leaping Lizards! Here’s what Annie is up to these days

For Jersey Girl Aileen Quinn, the sun always comes up tomorrow, and now, the sun is coming up on her music career. Quinn, who played Annie in the 1982 classic hit movie Annie has had a long road that included her job as an adjunct theater professor at Monmouth University and now she’s fronting a rockabilly band.

Many here in Jersey don’t realize Quinn is a Jersey girl. In fact, many scenes in the movie Annie were filmed right here at the Jersey Shore on the campus of Monmouth University.

Quinn was just 8-years-old when she landed to lead role in Annie. Before that, she was what she calls a ‘swing orphan’ in the Broadway musical “Annie”. Sarah Jessica Parker played Annie back then. Quinn was on standby to fill in as any of the other orphans on the set when needed.

Although she didn’t have the starring role on Broadway, she became an internationally recognized actor when she landed her role in the Annie film.

After Annie, she would go on to play Princess Zora in the 1986 film The Frog Prince. Nowadays, you can find Quinn on stage playing in her rockabilly band, Aileen Quinn and the Leaping Lizards.

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