Jersey Shore’s Snooki Down with COVID-19

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Before this weekend the biggest question fans had for Nicole Polizzi was whether or not she’s returning to MTV’s Jersey Shore.  Now fans want to know, “Are you ok?”
That’s because Polizzi was diagnosed this weekend with COVID-19.  The star of the MTV hit series said she noticed something wasn’t right as her symptoms progressed.  Then she knew when she was eating greasy Jersey Shore Pizza and couldn’t taste it.  When you can’t taste Jersey pizza, you know something is definitely wrong, so she got tested.


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Ok, so the pizza thing happened after the test, but you get it.

“Happy Valentine’s Day! This one’s a bit different….I have Covid. I’ve been isolated in my room since I found out. My family & I have been super cautious & careful, so this is super scary,” she said to her fans on Instagram. “My symptoms started out as just a bad sinus cold. Headache, Stuffy nose & mild cough. Then I felt super tired and ended up napping all day which made me go get tested. Today i just feel groggy. I ended up losing my taste and smell last night. It’s fricken weird. I had a greasy cheese pizza & couldn’t taste a damn thing. WHAT A SIN.”

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