Jackson Police say “Don’t call us about Great Adventure Traffic” and it’s going to get worse

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – Great Adventure is open for the season and this past weekend, traffic along Route 537 was grid locked like it has never been before. Traffic was so bad, with drivers actually cutting across the highway to get into Great Adventure that residents were calling the police to let them know about the insanity on the road. It got so bad that the Jackson Police Department told residents to stop calling them.

“We are WELL aware of the heavy traffic in Rt. 537/Monmouth Road leading to Six Flags Great Adventure. It’s that time of that year. Security and the authorities working there have all been advised. Please be patient and refrain from calling us to further advise us of the traffic situations unless you have a police emergency and need our assistance,” the department said. “Dispatch is being overloaded with calls for the traffic situation. Everyone is doing the best they can to accommodate everyone and get everyone in and out safely.”

A photo shared by Ocean County Scanner News show just how bad the traffic was.

Traffic in the area is expected to get worse after Vito Cardinale of Cardinale enterprises was granted township council approval to build two massive warehouse, estimated to be a combined two million square feet, plus 500 apartments and retail stores along what was once billed as a sports entertainment complex.

Residents are now concerned about the future of traffic in the area around Great Adventure once those massive warehouses with tractor trailer traffic all day goes online.

A new Facebook community group called “Jackson Neighbors Unite” has been unsuccessfully protesting that project. Residents have been unsuccessful in their attempts as the project has the full backing of Mayor Michael Reina and the township council.

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