Jackson planning board approves Glory’s Wawa plan in one meeting

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – If you’re not connected to the township of Jackson and you submit a permit to build in town, the process could take months or even years. That is unless the applicant is Dreamview, LLC, operated by influential local political brokers, to build a fuel station and strip mall. Then, the process takes hours, less than residents who apply to build swimming pools and fences on their residential properties.

Dreamview LLC received its approval to build a Wawa gas station and a strip mall on the site of the current Glory’s Market in Jackson.

For years, the Glory family which has a high stake in local politics as owner Clara Glory has served as the campaign treasurer and manager for many political campaigns in recent years has denied the plan to build a Wawa and sell their land.

The desirability of the lot has become more attractive after Glory personally spearheaded a public campaign through her position on the Jackson Chamber of Commerce to support thousands of high-density apartment buildings around the family’s property.

Glory offered the developer speaking engagements and marketing opportunities through her position with the chamber over the years.

Initially, a large retail and recreation project was promised by Mitch Leigh and Jackson 21, but that project has yet to see the light of day. To date, only apartment buildings have been built, increasing the customer base for Glory’s market and prospective buyers.

In 2017, Shore News Network broke the story of the impending sale after being shown architectural drawings that depicted a Quick Check on the site. Glory denied that rumor in 2017. Glory denied the rumor until this year, when plans were formally submitted to the planning board.

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