Is this pollen bellowing Oodhu Paavai real?

A video circulating on social media this week claims to show the medicinal plant, Oodhu Paavai, only found in dark rain forests in Tamil. It is alleged to blow out pollen grains periodically through its funnel-like structure, but is it real?

While impressive by any stretch of the imagination, the Oodhu Paavai is a spectacle to behold. That’s because it’s a CGI animation created by graphic artist Luke Penry.

After it began being shared as real, Penry couldn’t believe it.

“I see this being spread like a real plant lool,” he tweeted.

You can see Penry’s original tweet here:

Penry’s graphic art skills are amazing as he creates ‘alternate reality’ visuals of nature…or at least nature in his own creative imagination. He’s able to take those creations and develop stunning three dimensional renderings to entertain his fans.

If you’re interested in purchasing some of Penry’s magnificient creations, visit The Art of Seduction.

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