High school that wins very few championships has sign stolen

BEDFORD, VA – The Liberty High School Minutemen of Bedford, Virginia don’t win too many state championships, but the school is very proud of the five titles they have won dating back to 1977.  That’s why the community was upset after a vandal stole the top of the sign honoring those few and far between, hard-fought victories.

“We need your help. We were notified on February 9, 2021, that the top portion of the Liberty High School championship sign was stolen,” the Bedford Police Department said. “The sign is located at the intersection of Longwood Ave. and Valleyview Dr. in the Town of Bedford. The portion that reads “Liberty High School Minutemen State Championships Bedford, Virginia” is what was taken.”

Some witnesses have reported that the sign was not stolen, but was seen blowing across the highway a few days earlier.

It’s bad enough when last year’s softball team won the only state championship for your school in the past twenty or so years, but more embarrassing is finding out somebody stole what little sports pride the school has.

Here’s to turning things around in 2021.

If you have any information regarding this theft, please contact Sergeant J.W. Dooley with the Bedford Police Department. 540-587-6015 or 540-586-7827.

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