Handicapped thresher shark spotted in Strathmere

STRATHMERE, NJ – It is sometimes called the “Benny Great White Shark”. The thresher shark is typically not a dangerous shark, but probably less dangerous when it’s missing a fin, like the one spotted last week in Strathmere near the Deauville Inn. In the video taken by Abby Lombard/Twitter, you can see the shark bumping into the dock as it tries to return to the open water. They are sometimes referred to as the “Benny Great White Shark” because when spotted, tourists often react in fear and panic, usually running out of the water as if Jaws was approaching the beach.

While the thresher sharks pose no aggressive traits towards humans, it is advisable to not try to go near them if you spot one in the water. Although they have small mouths and small teeth, they can thrash about in the water and have a long upper lobe on their caudal fin.

Thresher sharks are game fish in the U.S.

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