Governor Murphy Opens Burlington County, Atlantic City Mega Vaccine Sites, But Has No Vaccines to Give

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced the opening of the Atlantic City vaccination mega-site, then announced there are no vaccines to give. The situation was the same on the ground for Murphy when he visited the newly opened Burlington mega-site.  A photo provided by the governor’s office showed vaccination stations ready to disperse vaccines, but no workers to give them and no patients to receive them.

“Our Atlantic City vaccine mega-site – one of six across New Jersey – opened this morning. From the ground up, we’ve built the infrastructure we need for an aggressive vaccination push. All we need are the doses from the federal government,” Murphy said.

Murphy said he has built it…now he’s waiting for them to come, and by them, he means the next round of vaccines from the administration of President Joe Biden.

“We’re in the “if you build it, they will come” mode. Now we just need them to come. We need the vaccine supplies to ramp up out of Washington, because we’re really set up as a distribution matter around the state,” Murphy said.

1.9 million New Jerseyans have pre-registered for the vaccines, but as the new U.K. variant hit the Jersey Shore this week, they will have to sit tight for now.