Fox News calls it. Murphy wins New Jersey election

ASBURY PARK, NJ – Hours after the Associated Press called the 2021 New Jersey gubernatorial election for incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy, Fox News has also called the race.

“Murphy’s narrow win comes despite polls indicating the incumbent was in for a comfortable victory in the state he won by over 14 points during his first run in 2017. President Biden also won the state easily just one year ago, defeating Donald Trump by nearly 16 points,” Fox News reported.

Tonight, Murphy held a victory party on the boardwalk in Asbury Park. The victory makes Murphy the first Democrat to win back to back elections since Brendan Byrne in 1977.

“You know, we just had the most New Jersey experience,” Murphy said. I was on my way someplace and it took us longer to get there than we planned. As a matter of fact, some might say it took 44 years to get here. I am humbled to be the first Democratic governor reelected since my dear friend, Governor Brendan Byrne, did this in 1977.”

Despite mounting losses for his party Tuesday night and a razor-thin election win, Murphy stood strong on the principles he has maintained since taking office, to make New Jersey a fair and equitable place for all to live with a largely progressive agenda.

“So, tonight, I renew my promise to you — whether you voted for me or not — to work every single day of the next four years to keep moving us forward. Forward with renewed optimism to ensure greater opportunities for all nine-point-three million who call this great state home,” Murphy said. “Forward with a deeper sense of fairness and a commitment to equity. Forward by rejecting the divisiveness and chaos that permeate too much of our politics. In short, forward by living up to our Jersey Values.”

Murphy’s opponent Jack Ciattarelli has yet to concede his defeat, being one of the few Republicans in New Jersey to go home without the trophy on election night. Instead, his team eluded to election issues and ballot counting.

“With the candidates separated by a fraction of a percent out of 2.4 million ballots cast, it’s irresponsible of the media to make this call when the New Jersey Secretary of State doesn’t even know how many ballots are left to be counted,” said Ciattarelli spokesman Stami Williams.

As of 11 pm on Wednesday, Ciattarelli trailed Murphy by 30,000 votes with many left to be counted in Essex and Passaic County expected to go heavily in Murphy’s favor. Ballot machine problems in those counties rendered at least 50 machines inoperable to read ballot tallies. A judge will have to rule in favor of opening the machines so election workers can extract the data.

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Murphy’s election still needs to be certified by the New Jersey Division of Elections before officially being declared.

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