Former Jackson Township Mayor Vikki Rickabaugh looks back on lifetime of community service to her town

JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ  — Vikki Rickabaugh, one of only two women to ever serve as mayor of Jackson Township reflects upon her 16-year service on the Jackson Municipal Utilities Authority and as mayor.  Jackson Township politics has historically been referred to many as a blood sport and in that sport, the men have regularly come out on top.  Right now, the township body consists of five middle-aged white men and a middle-aged white male mayor, Michael Reina. Rickabaugh has been one of few women to serve on the township council.

Rickabaugh however, maintained herself as a strong and positive presence during her tenure as mayor. Afterward, she served on the town’s municipal utilities authority until this month.

“January 28 was my last official meeting of the Jackson Township Municipal Utility Authority,” Rickabaugh said. “I would like to thank Mr.David Harpell, Executive Director and Mr Jim Dias, Assistant Executive Director/ Director of Finance, for their leadership and great achievements within this Authority. I have been on the JTMUA for the past 16 years and within this time this MUA has received the reputation of being one of the best in the state. It is an honor to have been part of this team.”

Rickabaugh has served in various capacities during her lifetime which spans a 50 year period of volunteerism.

“It has been a privilege to be able to serve the Jackson Township residents in many different capacities, both volunteer and elected for almost 50 years,” Rickabaugh said. “Included in this privilege, is being One of only Two Women Mayors in the history of 176-year-old Jackson Township. It has been a great honor, within this continuing time to give back to a community,”

“A community of heart, connected by many special common threads,” she said of her hometown.
Rickabaugh is also a published author.

“Fifty years, embracing, sharing and achieving in Health, Education, and the Arts.  On a personal note, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to write and Authored Inspirational-books and Co – Authored Children’s books, while pursuing my love for horses and all animals,” she added. “Thank you all for the encouragement and embrace. A Special thank you to my beloved Husband, Children, Grandchildren, and my very supportive and loved Extended Family.”

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