Former Cory Booker congressional staffer accused of masquerading white supremacist at Youngkin Virginia rally

NEWARK, NJ – A former staffer of New Jersey U.S. Senator Cory Booker has been potentially identified and accused as one of the actors in a disgusting display of racism and white supremacy at a Glenn Youngkin rally on Friday. Colleen Wachenfeld who worked for Book as an intern has identified as one of five Democrats who posed as white supremacists with tiki torches to create a false narrative that the event was attended by white supremacists.

Wachenfeld even tweeted about those white supremacists that were actually her and her friends while allegedly attending the rally. It has not yet been confirmed whether or not the person at the rally was Watchenfeld. We attempted to reach out to her but all of her social media accounts have since been deleted and, or made private.

Pretty incredible that Glenn Youngkin spent the last few months trying to convince everyone he was a “common sense” moderate only to go full white panic culture war in the week before the election,” she tweeted in a now-removed tweet.

After being accused as being one a white supremacist at the rally, Wachenfeld renamed her Twitter account several times before finally removing herself from the platform and all other social media accounts, scrubbing her identity from the internet as much as she could.

According to records, Wachenfeld was paid $2,500 and worked as an intern for Booker starting in February of 2020. She was paid from Booker’s official Congressional staff account.

Wachenfeld’s profile noted that she worked for the Virginia Democrats before it was deleted. She allegedly masqueraded as a white supremacist, allegedly with Camden Clayton of the Virginia Young Democrats.

The white supremacist stunt comes just two days after Booker visited with Democrat candidate for Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Andrew Whitley, executive director of the Virginia Democrats denied responsibility for the horrific display of racism by the two Virginia Democrat staffers.

“The Democrat Party of Virginia, along with its coordinated partners and its affiliates; did not have any role in the events that happened outside of the Youngkin campaign bus stop today,” Whitley said. “What happened in Charlottesville four years ago was a tragedy and one of the darkest moments in our state’s recent memories and is an event not to be taken lightly. For anyone to accuse our staff to have a role in this event is shameful and wrong.”

The Virginia Democrats however dispute that the person in the photos was Watchenfeld.

This story has been edited to clarify that it has been ‘alleged’ and that the Virginia Democrats deny their involvement in the incident.

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