Former AG Barr said Trump’s election fraud claims are “B-llsh-t”

One of former President Donald Trump’s most loyal insiders has seriously questioned the validity of former President Donald J. Trump’s election fraud claims. William Barr served as Attorney General and said he and his office investigated the claims and came up empty handed.

“My attitude was, it was put-up or shut-up time,” Barr said in an interview as to why he opened his own investigation into the matter. “If there was evidence of fraud, I had no motive to suppress it. But my suspicion all the way along was that there was nothing there. It was all bullshit.”

“We realized from the beginning it was just bullshit,” Barr said of Trump’s election fraud claims. “It’s a counting machine, and they save everything that was counted. So you just reconcile the two. There had been no discrepancy reported anywhere, and I’m still not aware of any discrepancy.”

Barr’s words did not sit well with Trump who unleashed a tirade against his former Attorney General.

“RINO former Attorney General Bill Barr failed to investigate election fraud, and really let down the American people. Even the scam that took place in Georgia of ballot stuffing on camera, he couldn’t see what was wrong with it. Just like he failed to understand the Horowitz report and let everyone down with respect to getting a timely investigation (where’s Durham?) on all of the corruption of the Obama-Biden Administration,” Trump said. “It’s people in authority like Bill Barr that allow the crazed Radical Left to succeed. He and other RINOs in the Republican Party are being used in order to try to convince people that the election was legitimate when so many incredible facts have now come out to show conclusively that it wasn’t.”

Trump then criticized Barr’s term in office.

“He came in with a semi-bang and went out with a whimper. Earlier in his term Bill Barr went ballistic on CNN with Wolf Blitzer warning Democrats were changing election rules to flood the system with mail-in ballots that “as a matter of logic” are “very open to fraud.” They are, and Bill Barr did nothing about it,” Trump added.

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