Ford Explorer impaled by 2×4 while driving along Route 99

MERCED, CA – A piece of wood that was unsecured on the top of a motorhome traveling on Route 99 flew from the vehicle and impaled a Ford Explorer driving behind it.

“Officer Anderson responded to this scene yesterday,” the California Highway Patrol said. “The incident occurred on State Route 99 near Franklin Road. Before becoming airborne and colliding with the windshield of the Ford Explorer, this piece of wood was on the roof of a motorhome, traveling ahead of the Ford Explorer.”

The incident happened Thursday afternoon. The CHP advised motorists to ‘secure their load’.

“This is a great time to remind everyone to properly secure their load. By securing your load properly you will prevent items and debris from spilling onto the roadway which can cause an immediate danger to another motorist. It will also prevent your load from shifting which can cause you to lose control of your vehicle,” the CHP said. “This is also a good reminder that you should not follow vehicles too closely. Increasing your following distance gives you more time to react to impending dangers.”

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