Female Fresno County correctional officer sentenced for sex with inmate

FRESNO, CA – On Tuesday, a Fresno County judge sentenced former Correctional Officer, 27 year old Tina Gonzalez, to two years of formal probation and 210 days in Fresno County Jail.

In May of 2020, detectives with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Vice Unit arrested then 26 year old Tina Gonzalez. She faced felony charges of sexual activity with an inmate and possession of a controlled substance (alcohol) in a jail and a misdemeanor charge of possession of a cell phone with intent to deliver to an inmate. She bailed out after one day in custody.

Gonzalez began employment as a Fresno County Sheriff’s Correctional Officer in September of 2016. She resigned from her job at the end of December 2019.

In early December of 2019, Fresno County Jail staff members received a tip that a male inmate was in possession of a cell phone and was also involved in a sexual relationship with a correctional officer named Tina Gonzalez. Jail staff searched the cell of this inmate and found a mobile phone.

The allegations were passed on to members of the Sheriff’s Executive Staff. The Internal Affairs Unit was assigned to investigate the accused employee, Gonzalez. The Vice Unit was tasked with investigating potential crimes committed by Gonzalez. Both units found evidence to support the allegations. Additionally, detectives discovered Gonzalez had on one occasion brought alcohol into the jail.

Shortly after Gonzalez participated in an interview with detectives, she submitted her resignation to the Sheriff’s Office.

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