Fed Ex worker stole her daughter’s kitten, mom said

Katie Hardy, an Indiana mom was shocked when her Nest camera footage showed a Fed Ex delivery truck stopping in her driveway and speeding off with her daughter’s kitten. In the video, the truck stops, and a woman in a Fed Ex uniform stepped out of the passenger side of the vehicle and grabbed the cat. She then got back in the truck as it left.

“FedEx drivers caught stealing my daughter’s kitten,” Hardy said. “Hoping that this will go viral and at least force the company to respond. Your packages may be safe, BUT YOUR PETS AREN’T!!!”

Hardy a 5th-grade school teacher posted the video on Twitter in hopes to have her kitten returned.

On Tuesday, Hardy said her daughter’s kitten was returned, “The power of social media. June, the now-famous kitten, has been returned, and I have one happy little girl!”

“This is extremely concerning and I am very sorry that this happened,” FedEx said in a statement.

Hardy did not say how the kitten was returned and Fed Ex has not disclosed what actions if any, it would take against the employees.

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