Democrat Maxine Waters Once Gave Electoral College Votes to Movie Producer Michael Moore, Not a Presidential Candidate

Liberal Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters, of Ohio is a vocal opponent of President Donald J. Trump.  In fact, she’s been outright vicious, displaying conduct that is unbecoming of a member of the U.S. Congress.

This week, Waters Tweeted, “Can’t wait for January 6th when the electoral votes from the 50 states will be sent to Congress. Trump, you LOST the popular vote, the ELECTORAL vote, & you’ve obviously lost your mind! What does it take for you to understand you’re a LOSER. PeriodT (as the millennials say)!”

She added, “Trump, you attempted to overthrow the legitimate votes of Americans. You got kicked in the face by 46 courts & the crown kicking came from the Supreme Court you thought you owned! The democracy is stronger than you will ever understand. Goodbye & good riddance!”

Now she’s objecting to a plan by House Republicans to object to the counting of Electoral College votes on Wednesday.  In 2000 though, she was singing a different tune when she completely disgraced the country and the American institution when she awarded all of her votes to a Hollywood movie producer and friend.   She awarded those votes to crackpot liberal director Michael Moore.

“Mr. Speaker and members, I dedicate my objection to Ohio’s electoral votes to Mr. Michael Moore, the producer of the documentary ‘9/11’ and I thank him for educating the world on the threats to our democracy and the proceedings of this house on the acceptance of the electoral college votes for the 2000 presidential election,” she said in 2000 when George W. Bush won the Presidential election against Al Gore.

For that, Waters is this week’s swamp hypocrite.

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