Days before New Jersey GOP governor primary election Trump makes endorsement

It’s just days before the June 8th Republican primary election for New Jersey Governor and former U.S. President Donald J. Trump has made an endorsement. The question of who the president supports prior to the election has been on the minds of many voters and the three candidates vying for his endorsement.

Three candidates are in the running for Trump’s endorsement, but it has been troubled waters to navigate for the President. The GOP-sponsored candidate Jack Ciattarelli would be the obvious choice in such an important election. He has the money, he has the party line in every county, but there’s one thing that seems to be keeping Trump away from Ciattarelli.

Ciattarelli doesn’t like the former President and he and everyone else knows it. Ciattarelli has had harsh words for the president, calling him “unfit to be president” and last week when given the opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of the Trump campaign, Ciattarelli would not utter the words, “I support former President Trump” in a New Jersey 101.5 debate.

His opponent, Hirsh Singh has gone all-in with Trump since day one and from Trump’s loyalty perspective, Singh would be the obvious choice. In fact, the man who coined the slogan “Make America Great Again”, Brad Parscale, who served as Trump’s campaign manager in 2016 is managing Singh’s campaign.

Then there’s Jersey Rizzo. He would also make a decent case for Trump’s support, but alas, he too was against Trump in 2016 and we all know how the former President feels about that. The one problem with Rizzo is that he’s probably not going to win and it’s not in Trump’s interest to back somebody who has no shot to win.

Then on Thursday, Trump made an endorsement. Except it wasn’t for Governor of New Jersey, it was for Congress in North Carolina. He endorsed a 2022 candidate, Virginia Foxx, but apparently has decided to keep his hands clean in the 2021 Republican primary for governor.

Does Trump know something we don’t? We all know the former President feels about losers and maybe Trump sees the writing on the wall in November. Picking a loser in New Jersey is not in his best interest for a re-election bid in 2024. It’s an important race in New Jersey as it’s one of only three governorships in the country up for grabs in 2021.

Trump has close ties with Governor Phil Murphy. The two had a great relationship while Trump was in office and maybe, Trump figures the math in New Jersey is written in stone. Democrats far outnumber Republicans. It will be very hard for a Republican to defeat Murphy in November and considering the GOP fracture growing each day with mudslinging, personal attacks, and more, it’s going to be an insurmountable task for either of these men running to reunite the party.

The Republican party in New Jersey is split nearly as badly as the Democrat and Republican parties are split. There are truly two entrenched factions in the state…the establishment, which Ciattarelli represents who have their hands in the taxpayer till and are running on a campaign of survival. Then there are the unaffiliated conservatives. They are led by Hirsh Singh. They want to rid New Jersey of the old guard, “Good Old Boys” like Ciattarelli who has been involved in swamp politics for over 33 years.

The two sides are unlikely to see eye to eye regardless of who wins on Tuesday. It could just be that Trump knows that and other than playing a few rounds of golf in Bedminster this summer, he wants no part of the clusterf-ck that has become the New Jersey Republican Party.

Or…maybe he’ll surprises all with one of his infamous last-minute ‘had to do it’ endorsements…but don’t hold your breath. We reached out to the Trump team about this, but did not receive any answers.

“Thank you for your inquiry. Our staff is currently reviewing your request,” a automated response read. “Due to the volume of similar demands, we will respond only if we require additional information or if there is an opportunity for President Donald J. Trump to participate.”

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