Cubs fans build epic beer cup snake at Wrigley Field

CHICAGO, IL – It’s not sure if somebody had the Guinness Book team on hand for this, but fans in Chicago created what could be the world’s longest cup snake ever created. While their team seats on top of their division, it’s only fitting for the fans to get involved in the glory, and what better way than a cup snake that goes from the top of the bleachers to the field wall.

Beer snakes, or cup snakes aren’t new, but in the post pandemic era, this one definitely sets the bar high. They are made from stacking empty beer and soda cups at a sporting event and snaking it around. While you can see epic snakes in boring games like cricket, it’s uncommon to see one in the 8th inning of 2-0 ballgame.

Beer snakes have been around since the 1990’s and faded into near obscurity in recent years, but last week after fans in Buffalo made a 300 cup beer snake in the BlueJays’ 13-1 loss to those cheating Houston Astros, Cubs fans said, “Hold my beer.” Where you at Bronx?

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