Cuban communists rally in the streets and blame U.S. for anti-communist uprising

HAVANA, CUBA – The Cuban Communist Party today released a video showing party backers rallying in support of their communist dictatorship. The Cuban propaganda machine is working overtime today to depict the ongoing protests as the fault of America and not their own doing.

“This demonstration is much bigger than the tiny US-backed right-wing protests — but don’t expect mainstream corporate media coverage,” said journalist Ben Norton.

In New Jersey, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez offered his support to the people of Cuba during the uprising which is being squashed and censored today by the Cuban government.

“We stand united in our support of the Cuban people in their fight for freedom and against the repressive acts of an authoritarian regime. Whether you are an American citizen from Cuba, or a newly arrived immigrant looking for a better life, New Jersey is a place where all 9.3 million residents can grow and prosper — New Jersey is the opportunity state,” Menendez and a group of New Jersey Democrats said in a joint statement of support for Cuban citizens.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy a former U.S. diplomat has thus far ignored the situation in Cuba publicly. The Cuban Embassy in the United States today doubled down on the blame game.

“U.S. has used sophisticated tools to try to take advantage of the harsh social conditions that the pandemic has generated on the planet. It is a design for political purposes that imperialism has worked for a long time,” the embassy released in a statement.

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