Couple charged for torturing, starving child in Panama City

PANAMA CITY, FL – An LGBT couple has been charged for abusing their child police say. Now, with one in custody, the other remains a fugitive from justice.

The Panama City Police Department has charged a woman already in the Bay County Jail with additional charges and is searching for her girlfriend.

Additional charges were filed against Terri Lynn Manning, including four counts of scheme to defraud and theft. Manning was in the Bay County Jail, previously charged with child abuse by willful torture in the form of starvation, child abuse resulting in mental injury and child abuse by aggravated battery.

Detectives are actively searching for Manning’s girlfriend, Kesha Roberts. Eight felony warrants have been issued for Roberts, including an ongoing scheme to defraud.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call the Panama City Police Department at 850-872-3100. In April of 2021, Manning and Roberts created a false story that Manning’s pregnant daughter and grandson were involved in a collision, were on life support and that the babies eventually died. Search warrants were executed on Manning’s phone and social media accounts, proving that those claims were false.

Manning has been in jail since June after investigators were notified by Department of Children and Families of an abuse report filed alleging medical neglect of a 9-year-old child.

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