Christmas tree thieving scumbags steal families’ Christmas trees in Toms River

TOMS RIVER, NJ – The Silverton Volunteer Fire Department in Toms River holds an annual Christmas tree fundraiser and this year, the trees went quick. The department sold out of trees but was holding two trees for weekend delivery.  Those trees were going to be delivered to families last weekend, now they’re gone.  That’s because two Christmas tree thieving scumbags entered the fire department’s lot and took the tree.

On Friday,  at 7 pm, two Christmas Trees were stolen from the Silverton Fire House grove and one tree was planned to be delivered to a family this Saturday.
“It’s very obvious that we were sold out of trees as the area was dark, no members were present and they even look at the tree sales tags which had a family name and delivery date on it,” the department said. “The incident was captured on the department’s video security system. The video footage is from Friday 12/11/20 approx. 7 pm with two separate cars each with two occupants each enter our fire company property and help themselves to a tree.”
The department reported the theft to the Toms River Police Department. If you have any information please contact Tom Fischer, Sean Walker, send the SVFC a Facebook message, or contact TRPD.